The shortest production time limits in Europe

Nuts, Work smart, Work fast

[banner banner_link=”” title=”The shortest production time limits in Europe” text=”1. 3-7 sample days we only need to translate your 2D drawing into a super cute and fun plush toy.
2. After sampling we need only as from 30 days mass production and your toys are ready to ship.
3. After 30 days shipping we deliver the toys at your location.
3a. You need speed and aircargo? We could handle aircargo in only 5 days.
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We make dreams come true


We have a Sedex and Coca Cola audit and we deliver to large organizations.


We have 20 years of experience in custom made productions of plush stuffed toys (quality suitable for retail). With this unique and long experience in the industry we can be passionate and make very precisely that plush toy product that you need.

Punctual, it’s simple. It’s Fun!


We can sample in in only 3 days.  Punctual, It’s Fun!



We can produce your mass production as from  30 days .  Punctual, It’s Fun!
(maximum we need 45 days depending on your quantities)



Shipping we do in 30 days.  Punctual, It’s Fun!
Aircargo we serve in only 5 days.

Top quality and affordable prices

An Office in Brussels & in Shanghai: we guarantee thereby always top quality and low prices in proportion, but also a time saver in the entire production process. The own Qcs make sure again that you can be rest assured about the quality on delivery and that the plush stuffed toys always possess the necessary certificates (CE or ASTM).

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Artwork versus Soft Toy

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