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We develop creative concepts and also produce plush toys and merchandise.

Progimpex Plush cuddly toy made
Progimpex Plush cuddly toy made
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Progimpex Plush cuddly toy made

Short Delivery Times

From start to finish, we work very passionately on each plush toy project to make each plush toy unique for the consumer, for you and for us. 

We produce merchandise in-house. The production times are shorter for this. We are happy to inform you about all production stages per product group in a personal email, telephone conversation, whatsapp message or Team meeting.


We offer a full all-round service.
From character design, production of your plush toys and merchandise, to logistics and delivery.

We are happy to listen to better understand your idea and the Plush Cuddle Project.
The world in which the cuddly toys end up determines the appearance and the final result.
The number, dimensions and of course the project date are also important information at this stage.


We combine this wisdom with our 20 years of experience in Plush Stuffed Toys and Kids Merchandise productions and development.
We can give you exactly the right advice to start producing your cuddly toys.
We also provide first packaging ideas as well as a first idea about the possibilities of the cuddly toys.
We think of all possible details to achieve the greatest return on investment from your project.


We think prototypes are a big fun factor in the process. The hug comes to life and always brings a happy moment. The conversion from 2D to 3D is an art and that first picture of the cuddly toy always gives our customers a satisfied feeling.
We can prototype in 3 days (up to 7 days) thanks to our in-house designers. We have an office in Brussels & Shanghai so we can guarantee a smooth interaction.
Usually the ideas and adjustments go back and forth smoothly and the prototype can be flown in and delivered in the short term. Interaction between you and our team is important.

Progimpex Plush cuddly toy made
Progimpex Plush cuddly toy made


Plush toys are made of different materials and parts. First we produce all individual parts. Then we finish it with coloring, printing, embroidery, cutting the patterns, sewing...assembling and packaging.


Passionate about quality we carry several QC trials & reviews, including independent third party inspections. We also complete all required Toy Safety testing.


Perfectionist in Quality
QC tests & assessments and independent third party inspections


Safety Toys
All Plush Stuffed Toys are tested according to the latest Safety Guidelines


Ethically Responsible
Our factories have an audit for working conditions. (highest level)

We work very passionately on it from start to finish your plush project to make each cuddly toy unique for the consumer, for you and for us. 

Your merchandise is also in experienced hands with us: Tees, Hoodies, Caps, Towels, Socks, Mouth masks

Backpacks, Bags, Water Globes, Puzzles, Squishies, Keychains


After the cuddly toys have been checked for quality and safety, they are carefully packed in boxes and loaded on the ship or in the plane or by train. (new 2020)

Their journey begins to the Happy Customer. (and you).

For 20 years we have always delivered the cuddly toys safely to the door in Belgium and the Netherlands, but also throughout Europe. Complicated distributions and delivery conditions do not deter us. 

We use a speed so that everyone is satisfied, from export, to loading or co-loading, and import in the country of destination.
We can deliver in full containers or on pallets to the furthest corners and to the most demanding distribution centers.

We are happy to inform you about how we handle the freight, about sea freight, air freight, train, customs and everyone-satisfied-home deliveries.

Don't have storage? We can store for you and have it delivered on demand.

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