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rPet, Oeko-Tex®

Progimpex Pluche knuffel laten maken
rPet and Oeko-Tex® Products?

Since the beginning of 2019, Progimpex has focused on ecological products and ecological production.

  • In addition to our standard plush cuddly toys, we also offer the possibility to produce cuddly toys in rPet (100% recycled) materials
  • Plastic from our oceans is processed into PET chips
  • Finally, these PET flakes are reprocessed into soft and resistant polyester yarn, ready to be spun and knitted into super soft (great cuddly factor) materials for plush and baby items
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We then color the materials with Oeko-Tex® certified dyes.

  • These dyes are non-toxic
  • they are absolutely free from harmful chemicals
  • The process is also water efficient and environmentally friendly
  • we collect the waste water and reuse it during the washing process
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Oeko-Tex® end product and certificate
  • Progimpex makes a complicated and complex process simple so that your products can ultimately be offered as Oeko-Tex® end products
  • Even plush cuddly toys made from 100% recycled rPet material can ultimately be delivered as an Oeko-Tex® certified product
  • We can also offer the stitching threads, filling and the label with Oeko-Tex®

We are proud that we can contribute to a better world for everyone.

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Tag, Label and Packaging
  • We can use FSC certified paper for the tag.
  • The labels (woven or printed) are also with Oeko-Tex® certificate
  • The packaging if individually packed is plastic-free material. We can also offer gift packaging in FSC certified material
Progimpex Pluche knuffel laten maken