We produce complete Baby Lines - Montessori

Progimpex produces complete baby lines according to the Montessori philosophy.

Montessori is not an ointment that you apply, a religion, or an essential oil. So, if I describe how Montessori works, it won't be that simple. But I'll hit the hot spots for you.

To summarize: The Montessori Method is an educational philosophy, which was conceived in the late 1800s and continued well into the 20th century, and which has stood the test of time.

Maria Montessori was the very first female doctor in Italy. She overcame many obstacles that were common in her time to achieve this. In the 19th century, women were discouraged from studying science in favor of languages ​​and literature.

Montessori used her determination and plowed through the obstacles to become a doctor.

One evening, while walking home from a laboratory test, she came across a woman begging for money on the street with her youngest toddler. She saw that the little one was completely absorbed in playing with a small piece of paper.


it's working

If you want to distinguish between the Montessori way of learning and the traditional Western methods, there is a simple explanation.

A traditional classroom is centered around the teacher, and in a Montessori classroom there is no center at all. Each child is the center of their own educational experience.

The materials the children work with have a built-in error checker, enabling independent learning. The children can choose the activities they are interested in.

Are Plush Stuffed Toys Montessori?

If there's one thing kids can do better than adults, it's playing! Playtime is an integral part of Montessori education at all ages. Babies practice an interactive learning style as they watch black and white mobiles and listen to their parents read books to them. Of course it is normal for parents to have questions about Montessori toys and how to integrate them into their child's life. Babies and young children often receive plush toys as gifts, but are stuffed animals Montessori?


are stuffed animals Montessori?

Well, parents can point out colors and maybe some shapes on plush toys, but their design doesn't fulfill any specific aspect of the student's education.

A child can use their imagination when playing with a plush animal, but plush toys are not explicitly designed to be multi-purpose or educational.

Often, Montessori toys mimic real life on a child's scale. Toys stimulate creativity, but also translate into reality, and fantasy worlds do not fit the Montessori model.

Plush Stuffed toys can tie in on this point, as long as you choose a plush that is a lifelike animal rather than a mythical creature. It is ideal for your child to find one with soft natural colors.

Progimpex produces Montessori Plush Stuffed Toys

We produce plush cuddly toys with sophisticated material. Both the outside of the cuddly toy and the filling are chosen in function of Montessori. We call it sensory material.

We use 100% recycled materials, simple realistic colors (with OEKO-TEX®) and the end product also carries the OEKO-TEX® certificate.

Plush toys can also be a 'friend' for a child while playing independently. Plush toys can also serve as a cherished keepsake and comfort object.

Sensory hugs are an added value.