Plush Mascot Soft Toy

1 day, Lets create a nice stuffie

Our soft toy looks relaxed: are you too?

Progimpex Plush Keychain from Pr(O)gi on Vimeo.

Super Cutie

  • Super Soft materials
  • High quality embroideries
  • The right Feel & Look
  • Exact translation of the artwork
  • Super nice, nice fitting shirt
  • Tag and label
  • Packaging
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We make dreams come true


We have a sedex and Coca Cola Audit and we also supply large organisations.


We have 20 years of experience in custom made productions of plush cuddles (quality suitable for retail). With this unique and long experience in the industry, we are able to produce passionate and very exactly that plush cuddly product that you need.

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Punctual, it's simple. It's Fun!


We can sample it from 3 days.  Punctual, it's Fun!



We produce from 30 days.  Punctual, it's Fun!
(Maximum up to 45 days depending on the number of cuddles)



We ship in 30 days.  Punctual, it's Fun!
Air freight can be in 5 days.

Top Quality and affordable prices

An office in Brussels & in Shanghai: We always guarantee top-quality and low prices in proportion, but also a time saver in the entire production process. The own QC's make sure that you can rest assured about the quality offered and that the plush cuddles always possess the necessary certificates (CE or ASTM).

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Artwork versus Soft Toy

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