Plush Stuffed Toys Customization

We develop creative concepts and also produce plush cuddly toys and merchandise.

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Progimpex Pluche knuffel laten maken

At Progimpex you can have custom plush toys made

We offer a full all-round service in making custom-made plush toys.

From character design, the production of your plush toys and merchandise, to the logistics and delivery of the plush toys at your location of choice.

We can also stock in our warehouse and have custom plush toys delivered on demand. This means that you always have exactly the right number of plush toys in stock.


We produce custom-made plush toys in our own factory in larger numbers. With our With 12 production lines we could produce all your merchandise for bigger campaigns and stick to the delivery schedule. we can deliver plush toys and merchandise for major campaigns on time.

Contact us to design your custom plush toy project.

Or do you want to have a plush toy designed? We can also fully support the development/illustrations of your plush mascot character. We take care of the complete branding of your campaign, including the production of the plush toys and the merchandise.

Custom Plush Toys for Holiday Parks, Leisure parks, Sportclubs, Horeca, Branding Campaigns, Baby Lines

At Progimpex we provide a production of custom plush toys from A to Z.

You can contact us with your own design for the plush toys. Or our illustrator can design a mascot for you, after which Progimpex will produce the plush toys.

Progimpex is the pre-eminent plush cuddly toy producer in Europe.

Every plush cuddly toy is possible. This means any size, but also any design.

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Ecological and CE

All our custom plush toys are completely safe. This means that we have an extensive CE test carried out with every production. You will also receive an extensive CE report with your size. 

100% rPet and OEKO-TEX®

We can make custom plush toys as you wish. We can use standard products for your plush mascots. But also 100% rPet (recycled plastic bottles) and even OEKO-TEX® . The custom-made plush toys made with OEKO-TEX® materials can also be provided with an OEKO-TEX® passport!