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Monkey Kuba, Progimpex Plush cuddly toys
Progimpex Plush cuddly toy made


Summer? Then we already plan end-of-year gifts such as beach towels, carrier bags and snow globes in production terms. 

Or we think of reading with the children.
A fun children's book and the hero from the book as a plush cuddly toy ensure a carefree time all year round.

Progimpex produces high quality cuddly toys and provides Premium quality and Premium Service.

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"We just received our delivery and we are gushing over the adorable Chickenhare babies. Thank you very much, their execution is top notch, we couldn't be happier. The way they are stocked in the boxes is very neat, too." Alexandre
Monkey Kuba, Progimpex Plush cuddly toys

This cheerfully inviting monkey is made of super soft plush. He wears a shirt and pants made of certified organic cotton.

Plush Stuffed Movie, Licensed Plush, Progimpex

This ©cheerful character is our designer's favourite. He also plays a role in the movie Hopper and the Hamster of Darkness.

Progimpex Custom Made Plush Stuffed Toys


Our carrier bags are made of 100% Linen.

Any size is possible, but this handy city shopper in 38 x 42 cm and extra sturdy handles 2,5 x 64,5 cm is definitely a winner.

Streamlined customization

At Progimpex we attach great importance to sustainability! With our plush cuddly toys we also want to put the most durable and safe cuddly toys on the market.

Progimpex is also the right place for additional merchandise.

For Koma we produced super cute plush polar bears from 100% recycled Pet bottles (rPet). And a carrier bag in 100% Linen could not be missed.

Progimpex, Known for the Quality.  

Streamlined service

Progimpex is also the right place for additional merchandise.

We produced a series of merchandise items for Leeghwaterbad. A water-repellent swimming bag could not be missing.

Drinking bottles (unbreakable), children's books, beach towels, plush, key rings: you're in the right place at Progimpex.

Progimpex, Known for the Quality.  

Progimpex Custom Made Plush Stuffed Toys

To play sports? Then we think of carrier bags. Swimming, gymnastics, football, camp, beach…

These carrier bags are made of 210D Polyester.

The base color and the cord handles can be chosen in custom pantone color.
The size is 44 x 34 cm wide. The corners are extra reinforced and a logo can be provided.

These carrier bags are also extra treated and water-repellent. The ideal, attractive merchandise!

Progimpex Mascotte Suits, Supastar

Our mascot suits can be made in any shape. We can also develop the character.

Mascot suits can be delivered in 30 days and are always provided with a handy carrying bag and cooling.

30 days service


For Middelkerke we once again produced a super fun mascot suit that will certainly hug you when you visit the sea.

Progimpex Mascotte Suits, Middelkerke

Progimpex, Known for the Quality.  

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When it comes to Personal Promotions, there's no denying it: you're passionate. We understand how important your Personal Brand Projects Plush Stuffed Toys, Keyrings, Tote Bags, Towels, Socks... are to you.
That's why we've put together exacting standards for quality productions and printing quality, and we offer the highest level of service to ensure your orders look great.
It does not matter whether your order is 1000 pieces or 100.000 pieces. We pay the necessary attention to every customer.
Personalized products provide the necessary marketing and loyalty.
We take care of the production so you and your customers can show off your amazing Personal Promotions!

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