Progimpex Pluche Knuffels Maken


You’ve got questions, we give you Quality and Safety

Quality & Safety are not only our main concern as well as our first concern.


  • We have a Sedex and Coca Cola audit and we deliver to large organizations.
  • Thanks to a sophisticated quality protocol we can guarantee that all our products are ethically produced.
  • We have an Office in Brussels & Shanghai to ensure a meticulous follow-up of your productions and quality controls.
  • That also gives us the advantage to be able to control every production at the start, but also during and after the production.
  • We supply high-quality products that not only meet all requirements in terms of safety but also to very strict quality requirements.


  • Through regular audits and a in the factories we are sure that the workplace is socially acceptable.
  • We produce so also for larger organizations. Our factory has an audit highest level.


  • At each production safety and quality is our first concern. We produce for you with the greatest accuracy and you will receive with each production a report from an accredited laboratory.
  • Eurofin, SGS and CSTP Labs are our independent partners for product testing and certification.
  • So together we can corporate sustainability.  You are sure of safe and high quality products.  And you are sure that they are produced in the required circumstances.

A bunch of testings

  • We test all our plush stuffed toys for children from birth.
  • (with the exception of key chains, plush dolls with magnets and some toys with very very much accessories that are suitable for another age)
  • All products and packaging answer with certainty on the European and international safety standards.


  • EN 71 part 1
  • EN 71 part 2
  • EN 71 part 3
  • Azo
  • Cadmium
  • Phtalates
  • Reach 


  • ASTM F963 (Physical & Mechanical) (U.S.A.)

Customized stuffed toys[OEM]

  • WE produce custom [OEM] for you. This means that all products with your name or brand and logo available on the market.  Therefore, we find it very important that all products possess the highest quality and safety.
  • You may have in addition to our sophisticated quality protocol extras.  Which are obviously by agreement possible on each production.
  • We advise you exactly what safety testing at every production need.

The advantages

  • We have 20 years of experience in producing plush stuffed toys.  But also in the development and production of Merchandise for children we are strong.
  • Good merchandise strengthens your name and brand.  So it is important that the product look nice and high quality.
  • We also advise you on trendy merchandise that came with your project and what is appropriate.
  • Our office in China is located in Shanghai. Our own people can spot the best products at the best prices you go for outsourcing.
  • By design, to production and delivery – we take everything out of your hands.
  • We have 20 years of experience with custom made productions in China and our people on the ground are responsible for a direct approach, control and overview.

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