Progimpex Goes Green – Sea Plush Toys

Sustainability – Green Fibers

Progimpex Plush Toys factory
Progimpex Goes Green
Plush toys with PET recycled materials (GRS standard)

Progimpex Goes Green: reliable&sustainable

  • Progimpex goes green. Every production has an impact on the environment but Progimpex chooses to produce in a way that is less harmful.
  • We have been making sustainable choices for years. How we design and develop our plush cuddly toys, what materials we use, how we pack and ship. Where we store and how we colour our materials.
  • Lots of tests. Together with our Labo partners, we have each production extensively tested. All of them comply with the strict CE & ASTM standards.

Green Fibers

  • Progimpex is constantly working on offering even more service to its customers and even more quality within its productions. We choose to sail an even more sustainable course and therefore also offer plush toys produced with Green Fibers.
  • We did a thorough market research, visited several recycling facilities and production units.
  • We had the materials tested extensively and are proud that we can market our Green Fiber plush toys.
  • Your personalized plush toys can now also contribute to a better environment.
Progimpex Pluche Knuffels Maken

PET material, sourced from our oceans

  • We therefore offer INNOVATIVE “green” plush toys. We use green fibres that are made from recycled PET material from our oceans.

Recyclage water

  • When colouring these 100% recycled fabrics, we also pay special attention to the environment and use an ecological system for the preservation of the water used, which is then re-purified.

GRS standards

  • All our materials have various certificates and comply with the GRS standards for fibres and yarns.

GRS Sea Toys – Plush Toys

  • We are now also optimising the use of recycled material in our plush cuddly toys.
  • We are proud that we, as Progimpex, can contribute to a less harmful way of producing.

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