Progimpex Pluche Knuffels Maken


Design, get up and go!

Would you like to plush stuffed animals or kids merchandise?  We can serve you with Progimpex.

  • We develop new creative plush stuffed toys and full merchandise lines.
  • Our own designer can design a character for you, or update your existing character and drawings.


We have a Sedex(4) and Coca Cola audit and we serve big organizations.

Progimpex Plush Toys factory

You press the dream, we do the rest

  • we develop new creative plush toys (core business) and merchandise lines, soft toys included
  • character design
  • artwork from scratch or update existing artworks
  • Styleguides
  • printed stuff (children’s books in which the plush cuddly toy is the main character, for example)
  • Printed Jig Saws in tuck box

Character artwork and first plush sample

If the character design is approved we can go sampling.

Thanks to our own design team can we have this already in an unprecedented fast rate.

  • as from 3-7 days only to develop a sample soft toy
  • the right Feel&Look

Creating new Merchandise lines

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