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Amusement park quality mascot suits

Looking for a mascot suit with amusement park quality - made to measure and finished in every detail? 

All our mascot suits are of exceptional quality. They are suitable for intensive and long-term use, just like in an amusement park.


You can provide us with your mascot design (this can be identical to the design of your plush toys) 


we can develop and draw a mascot character for you.


Once the character has been determined, we can start choosing the materials. This can be done via Email, Skype or Teams or we will visit you.


A mascot suit in amusement park quality, this means in high quality is made via a 3D mall. The 3D files are also provided by Progimpex.


Mascot suits have with us a beautiful 3D head that exactly matches your mascot.

Progimpex is a specialist in creating attractive & qualitative mascot suits. We take every detail into account. And certainly also with the wearing comfort for the actor.


We produce 3D heads with shiny eyes, a striking appearance and ergonomic shoes for a long wearing pleasure. Lightweight materials ensure that the suit can be worn for a long time.

Everything is thought out to make it as pleasant as possible for the actor. We also always provide cooling and a handy carrying bag.


If the actor is content, the mascot suit hops around happily & satisfied. We create heroes.  

Don't have a design yet? no worries! Our illustrators will work for you to bring your hero to life.

What does a Mascot Suit cost?

The price of a mascot suit depends on the version and the purpose for which the mascot suit is used. 

Intensive use determines the construction and the materials used, for example.

For a quality mascot suit you should count on a price between € 1500 and € 3000.

Progimpex only makes mascot suits for intensive and long-term use. All our mascot suits are of high quality and above all bring comfort to the user of the mascot suit.


*prices excluding 21% VAT

What is the delivery time of a mascot suit?

The delivery time for a mascot suit is relatively short. Your mascot suit can come to life in just 3 weeks.

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Contact us to develop your mascot suit in amusement park - top quality.

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