Kids and Stuff Merchandise

PVC Key Chains, Backpacks, Soccer, Kids Cups

Also for your premiums and Kids Merchandise we have the necessary know-how in house.

All Merchandise for kids you can join us.


  • PVC key chains and magnets
  • Backpacks (turn pockets, swimming bags, pens bags …)
  • Basketball
  • foot balls
  • trendy Kids Cups (3D)-Lunch Box-Sports Bottle[/star_list]

From PVC key chains to backpacks or caps.From basketball, football to the trendy Kids cups (3D). All these Kids Merchandise we also produce in our own factories and we deliver those to you at the door.

Additional support mascot stuffed toys

For additional support of your plush mascot characters we produce for our customers these premiums and merchandise for kids.

These can be used as extra sales item in the retail or as a bargain item to support a campaign.


Also for the premiums and the merchandise for kids Progimpex uses the strict safety standards in function of the CE standards, if applicable.

Own Office in China-more features

Also the products you just slightly finds harder at another supplier we can out-sourcing. Our team is familiar with the Chinese market for 20 years – the production market for all your promotion articles.

Our office in China is located in Shanghai. Our own people can spot the best products at the best prices.

From design, to production and delivery we take everything out of your hands.

We have 20 years of experience with custom made productions in China and our people on the ground are responsible for a direct approach, control and overview.

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