Illustrations and Character design

No design? Our draughtsmen are happy to work for you!
Everything starts with an idea. We have the experience to convert your idea into colorful designs

Don't have a design yet?

We are happy to draw and design your mascot character for you. Our draughtsmen are happy to work for you. Everything starts with an idea. Whether it is about an animal, a human cartoon or an object. We have the experience to convert your idea / dream into a vivid illustration. A character comes to life in several steps. We brainstorm together about your idea and help you on your way to achieve the character you have in mind.
  • New Characters, Adjustment of existing Characters, Settings, Illustrations
To design

When all ideas have been collected

Once we have collected all ideas, colors, visions and details, our draftsman, who has been assigned for your project, will get to work. The first sketches are made and presented. In a set - family - plush cuddly toys we take into account that all characters fit together. Your feedback is important and we will continue to apply this to the illustrations.
  • The first sketches


If the mascot exactly matches your visual representation, we will add details and also the colors. Your mascot really comes to life now. A visual representation can still be modified here with details and changed colors. We just work until you are 100% satisfied.
  • We just work until you are 100% satisfied

Front, side and rear view 3D

The illustration is now exactly as you want and then we will also work out the other poses. This can be a front-side and rear view, but also a full 3D representation. Various poses (such as in a comic) are also possible, a moving 3D is the next step. Merchandise is produced according to the elaborated illustrations and character.
  • Designs, Sketches, Colors, Production

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  • Children's books, Brochures, Puzzles, Meal Boxes

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