All about fabrics and color codes

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Fabrics for the outside

Plush cuddly toys.  Are you making plans to produce a mascot or plush toy? Or a plush item (eg slippers, comfort cloth…), a plush doll? We can enter every 'plush' various fabrics and materials to produce.

It is important that we determine the material together at the start of your project.

We are happy to list. BV:

Even wool, silk, rayon, nylon, other synthetic fabrics, or combinations of fibers are all in our range.

Standard, rPet or Oekotex Standard 100

We offer materials standard quality rPet (recycled materials) or with Oekotex Standard 100 certificate.

We always recommend materials within the amount of hugs you need. After all, some materials require larger quantities than others or a more complicated process to make them. Materials are also classified according to the CE tests offered


For the stuffing of our plush cuddly toys we use 100% cotton of 100% synthetic stuffing. We are also happy to advise you on the best material for your project.

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Crocheted Stuffed Animals are a hype in 2021

Colors and flavours

Colors are extremely important in the overall branding. We therefore work with pantone colors.  

Pantone is a company that color coding publishes. The encodings, such as pms 200 ('Pantone Matching System'), are an unequivocal agreement between all parties in a design and production process (e.g. designer, textile supplier and printer). The word 'matching' ('to match, coincide') indicates that reproducing a certain color is an important objective; this is not a matter of course in design and production environments. In other words, we strive to produce the final plush in matching colours, the colors as you want them.

Pantone codes are useful when coloring fabrics. Although this is also a profession in its own right because each carrier (each different material) absorbs paint in its own way and the color can therefore appear differently.

Just think of your own screen and compare, for example, a photo on your PC and on your mobile phone. You may notice a difference in color.

We can determine the correct pantone color code with special equipment. This way you can be sure that your cuddly toys will look exactly as you want them to.

Colors are extremely important in the overall branding. We therefore work with pantone colors

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Cuddly toys are also possible in cotton

Plush Stuffed Toys and Additional Merchandise

With our passion we realize dreams. Dreams of customers and dreams of consumers.

We work very intensely and passionately on it from start to finish your plush project. We make every hug unique. For the consumer, for you and for us. 

Plush and merchandise

We offer a total package: Brainstorming, coming up with creative concepts, character design and the production of the plush and merchandise.



Big productions are our thing, but also smaller projects receive our full attention.

Plush mascots and stuffed animals we produce in our own factory.

But whether you are looking for products to start selling again in your shop. Or as support for a promotional campaign. Or as a premium….

We have a solid network of suppliers to provide you with the right quality and the right product.

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