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OEM Soft Toys Making

Designed for Quality, Engineered to Last Would you like to have your own plush cuddly toys made according to your drawing (mascot) or logo? You can easily do that at Progimpex. We make an appointment and visit you (or you

Progimpex Plush Toys Factory


You’ve got questions, we give you Quality and Safety Quality & Safety are not only our main concern as well as our first concern. Audits We have a Sedex and Coca Cola audit and we deliver to large organizations. Thanks

Progimpex Illustrations and New Character

Illustrations and character design

Searching for your Sales Boost? Progimpex develops Branded Plush Toys and full Retail Kids Merchandise concepts. Our illustrator can also work for you to make illustrations and designs for your plush cuddly toys and additional merchandise. We do it all.

Progimpex Plush Toys factory

Progimpex Goes Green – Sea Plush Toys

Sustainability – Green Fibers Progimpex Goes Green: reliable&sustainable Progimpex goes green. Every production has an impact on the environment but Progimpex chooses to produce in a way that is less harmful. We have been making sustainable choices for years. How


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Progimpex: a story of plush toys

Progimpex is een sterke aanbieder van creatieve pluche knuffels en kids merchandise. We zijn vooral gekend voor onze custom made producties van kwalitatieve pluche knuffels, kids merchandise en thema gadgets. In 20 jaar hebben we onze eigen productiefaciliteit en onze interne kwaliteitscontroles en productieopvolging gefinetuned. Vanuit Brussel sturen we ons team in China aan en hebben we een sterke band opgebouwd met onze vaste productiepartners en toeleveranciers. Pretparken, Familieparken, Zoo's, Dierentuinen, Educatieve parken, Vakantieparken, Sportclubs...zijn onze belangrijkste klanten. Al jaren produceren we topkwaliteit voor diverse Leisure Parken en Sportclubs. Wij adviseren en produceren volledige retail programma's die nauw aansluiten bij het imago van de Klant. Daarnaast produceren we pluche knuffels en promotionele producten voor campagnes. We zijn vooral sterk in kwaliteit aanleveren in zeer snelle tijd. We back it all with the best guarantee in the industry.

2020 years experience - 20 years high quality plush toys and kids merchandise
33 - 5 days sampling only
3030 - 45 days production time
15400000plush toys and kids merchandise articles&happy consumers

Illustrations and Character Design

Character Design&Kids Merchandise

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