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Progimpex has been around for 25 years

manufacturer of plush stuffed toys

Progimpex Plush cuddly toy made
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Plush Stuffed Toys Have it made

Progimpex is a manufacturer of plush toys and merchandise.

At Progimpex, a manufacturer of plush cuddly toys and merchandise, you can design and produce your own plush cuddly toys.

Whether you have a drawing or need to have a design made, we are happy to help you.

Next plush cuddly toys you can also contact us for children's merchandise, retail or promotional items.

We are proud of our quality products and attach great importance to safety and attention to the environment.

We offer the cutest plush toys in soft materials, such as standard materials, organic cotton, OEKO-TEX® or even 100% rPet. Our production lines are ready to realize your plush cuddly toy.

But that's not all, we also offer aadditional merchandise to such as:

  • beach towels
  • PVC 3D keychains
  • socks
  • backpacks
  • gym bags
  • umbrellas (including those that change color when it rains)
  • bread boxes
  • character designs
  • and storybooks based on your character.

All these products are produced in Europe, with attention to your ecological footprint.

At Progimpex, the customer, service, attention to the environment and quality come first.

We are located in the heart of Brussels and are one authentic Belgian company, specialized in production and development of plush toys and related merchandise.

Do you want to know more about Progimpex? Please check our website for more information.

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our plush stuffed toy factory

We develop creative concepts and also produce plush toys and merchandise.

Our story: Progimpex is making plush cuddly toys, developing creative concepts, producing merchandise and textiles such as bibs, tees, hoodies.

We are manufacturer of plush toys and promotional items, merchandise, premiums, corporate gifts.


Progimpex Plush cuddly toy made
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Progimpex Plush cuddly toy made

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We have 25 years of experience in custom-made productions of plush toys (quality suitable for retail) and merchandise. Our factories are located in China, among others. But we also have large and fast production capacities in Europe. We have our own office and our own in-house sample room.